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Antoinette Shar'ron Johnson

Author, Blogger, Communications Specialist, Content Creator, Designer, Editor, and Freelance Writer


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Guiding Quote: The purpose of life is a life of purpose. - Robert Byrne

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No More Hair Drama Available!
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12 Days Reviews

"This book is inspiring. The author details a complex, life-threatening situation and how she was able to overcome it with faith. The book is easy to read and captivating. My faith has strengthened, and I feel empowered to face difficult situations. Thank you for sharing your story."

Sharise K.


"Antoinette Shar'ron Johnson gives the reader several personal accounts of how she endured two serious surgical procedures. The author demonstrates how God sustained and strengthened her by turning her test into a testimony.
Excellent book!"

Beatrice G.

New Jersey

"This book was excellent!! This book is very inspirational and encouraging for those who lack faith with any issue. This is a must-read for caregivers, families, and friends. Antoinette stood on her faith and God’s promise for total healing. He certainly can do ALL things."

Cherie F.

New Jersey

"This book is perfect for anyone who wants to grow stronger in the Lord.
It is inspiring, uplifting and it lets you know that GOD is indeed a healer.
I enjoyed the book IMMENSELY."

Ervennia S.

New Jersey

June 2010 Literary Wonders Featured Author for

No More Hair Drama

No More Hair Drama Reviews

"This book says everything about what we as African American women deal with in terms of hair care."

Yvonne J.

New Jersey

"This made me nostalgic. It brought back lots of childhood memories."

Linda B.

New Jersey

"This book could be read by pre-teens to seasoned adults. Everyone can get something out of it."

Lorri S.

New Jersey

"The information you provided in this book will be embraced by many black women. As I continued to read, I was held with interest about what you had to say."

Annabelle J.

New Jersey

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