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It’s Time for Change

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Lately, we have been hearing one word resonating throughout the land and that word is CHANGE! Phrases like, “The times, they are a changing” and “A change is going to come” have been heard in the past, and phrases like those can certainly be applied to life in today’s world because change is a constant and is always occurring.

Although change can be difficult, do not let the fear of change stop you from making necessary changes in your life. We can all agree that change is not easy, but at times it is definitely necessary. The necessity of change can come about because of both negative and positive situations. If you put in the work, you can turn negative situations into positive situations.

There is scripture that relates to whatever Satan meant for evil, God can change it to be for your good (Genesis 50:20). There are many more scriptures that relate to this concept, but you get the point of what this means. The victory is yours! Hold onto that and realize that even if something looks bleak, it can turn around.

Looking toward the future, what we deem as a negative or difficult can actually be positive or made easy simply by putting in the work. Put your fears aside and grab hold of what life has to offer you. Move toward your change today!

Live, laugh, love, and pray.

God Bless You with Good Health and Wellness,


Antoinette Shar’ron Johnson

“Empowering, inspiring, motivating, and uplifting your mind, body, and soul!”

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